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Ingwe APC 4x4 wheeled armoured personnel carrier

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Ingwe APC 4x4 wheeled armoured personnel carrier


Date: 2016-07-26
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The Ingwe range of 4 x 4 high-mobility armoured vehicles has been developed as a private venture by Sandock-Austral (which has since been integrated into Reumech OMC), for a wide range of roles including use as an armoured personnel carrier by the army, as an internal security vehicle or as a vehicle for protecting high-risk areas such as power stations and oil refineries.

Wherever possible standard and in-production commercial components have been used in the design and construction of the vehicle, including the engine, transmission and axles. This has kept both procurement and operating costs as low as possible. Design work on the 4 x 4 Ingwe started in November 1985 and finished early in 1986, after which several prototypes were built. A small batch of 4 x 4 vehicles was delivered to the South African Army for trials in late 1986 and these have been evaluated under a wide range of operational conditions.

The hull of the Ingwe is of all-welded steel armour which provides the crew with complete protection from 7.62 mm small arms fire and shell splinters. The high ground clearance and well-shaped hull design provide excellent protection from mines.

The Ingwe has a fully equipped crew of 12. The driver sits at the front right with the vehicle commander to his left, each having a bulletproof windscreen to his front and a forward-opening side door with a bulletproof windscreen in its upper part. Above the commander`s position is a circular hatch cover that opens to the rear and on the forward part of this is a mount for a 7.62 mm MG. The driver has a square hatch that opens to the right.

The six-cylinder diesel engine is mounted under the forward part of the hull and is coupled to an automatic transmission. The complete power pack slides out of the hull on rails for ease of repair or replacement.

The suspension consists of solid axles with coil springs and progressive telescopic shock-absorbers. Tyres are 14.00 x 20 with optional run-flat inserts. The high ground clearance with good angles of approach and departure gives good cross-country capability. The axles have differential locks.

The troop compartment is at the rear and in the side of the hull are five bulletproof windows each with a downward-opening firing port underneath. There are double doors at the rear, each of which is provided with a bulletproof observation window with a firing port underneath. The spare wheel and tyre is carried on the right door.

In the roof of the Ingwe is a number of rectangular roof hatches that open at the rear, and at the rear right of the roof is a cupola that can be traversed through 360º which is provided with a single-piece hatch cover and a mount for a 7.62 mm MG.

A wide range of different seating arrangements is available to suit different user requirements and optional equipment includes various communications systems, searchlights, weapon mounts, light machine gun turrets and improved armour protection. A modular water cannon has been built with a capacity of 4,500 litres.

Using the same basic common components a complete family of 4 x 4 vehicles can be provided to meet a wide range of civil and military requirements. These are summarised as follows:

Ingwe 4 x 4 paramilitary vehicle
Cargo carrier with fully enclosed armoured cab and flat load-carrying area at rear, fully enclosed APC, fully enclosed armoured ambulance, fitted with water cannon, and a recovery vehicle with a fully enclosed forward control cab.

Ingwe 4 x 4 military vehicle
These would all have a slightly longer wheelbase than the previous model and variants would include cargo carrier with fully enclosed armoured cab and flat load-carrying area at rear, fully enclosed APC, command and control vehicle, technical support vehicle, armoured ambulance, infantry combat vehicle with 20 mm turret-mounted cannon, 60 mm or 81 mm mortar carrier, air defence, anti-tank and armoured recovery vehicle with fully enclosed forward control cab.

Production complete. Small numbers delivered to South African Army for trials purposes. A number have also been sold to South African mining companies for internal security work. As far as it is known this vehicle has not been exported outside of South Africa.

Specifications of the Ingwe APC 4x4 wheeled armoured personnel carrier

Crew 3
Troops 10
Number of drive wheels 4
Number of wheels 4
Power-to-weight ratio (h.p./t) 13.71
Weight (kg) 12250
Length (mm) 5920
Width (mm) 2250
Height (mm) 2285
Ground clearance (mm) 420
Track (mm) 2080
Wheelbase (mm) 3450
Max. road speed (km/h) 90
Max. road range (km) 850
Fuel capacity (l) 310
Gradient (%) 50
Side slope (%) 30
Vertical obstacle (mm) 500
Trench (mm) 1060
Fording depth (mm) 1020
Turning circle radius (mm) 16300
Engine power output (h.p.) 168

Purpose-built mine security APC.
Suitable as a bullion carrier and for installation protection

Date: 2016-07-26
The Source:

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