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Predator Streit Group 4x4 Riot armoured vehicle

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Predator Streit Group 4x4 Riot  armoured vehicle


Date: 2015-11-13
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The Predator is a 4x4 Riot Water Cannon vehicle designed and manufactured by the Streit Group Company based in United Arab Emirates. The vehicle is mainly designed to be used as riot control vehicle. The Predator was unveiled for the first time during the IDEX Abu Dhabi international defense exhibition in February 2013. The Predator Armored Riot Control Vehicle is one of Streit`s latest innovative products - the vehicle offers excellent maneuverability in urban terrains.

Technical Data

The vehicle is equipped with a technologically advanced remote controlled water cannon with features to meet the pressure for emergency crowd control. The Streit Group Predator Riot Control Vehicle is fitted with two water cannon mounted at the top front of the vehicle. Each water cannon shoots up to a distance from 55 to 70 meters. with a pressure up to 20 bar. Water pump for the cannon is designed by the German Company Ziegler. Depending on the truck chassis model, 6.500 to 12.000 liters of water can be carried by the vehicle. The centralized vehicle control panel operates the water cannons which features direction control,water cannon camera and LCD color display.
Design and protection
The crew cabin of the Protector Riot Control Vehicle is at the front of the vehicle. Each side of the vehicle is fitted with two large doors. There is large windscren at the front of the crew cabin. Each windows provide the same level protection as the vehicle body. The windows as well as front and back lights of the Predator water cannon vehicle are protected with steel bars against stone’s throw. The vehicle is equipped with external crowd dispersing system features which provide protection to the vehicle and the passengers. The Predator is a fully armed vehicle with armored options up to VPAM PM-7(BR 6) with special design features to withstand any external threats. The BR-6 armour provides a protection against firing of small arms 7.62x51mm NATO caliber.
The Predator Riot Control Vehicle comes with variety of chassis options - available upon request (Mercedes/ MAN/IVECO/KAMAZ). The Predator also offers excellent obstacle crossing capabilities.
The Predator Riot Control Vehicle do not expose the operator to the riot, and are controlled remotely from within the vehicle by a joystick. Standard equipment of the Predator includes centralized automatic control system, advanced monitoring and surveillance and recording system. In option, the Predator riot control vehicle can be fitted with anti-climb vehicle body, safety locks, vehicle protection features- CS Side Nozzles, Front Dozer. Each water cannon station includes a search light with wire mesh protection which ensure user-firndly and accurate control for night operations.

Specifications of the Predator Streit Group 4x4 Riot control water cannon armoured vehicle

Armament: Two water cannons
Water Payload: 6,500 to 12,000 liters
Designer Company: Streit Group
Accessories: Video surveilance, monitoring system, radio communication equipment, centalized automatic control system, water cannon camera and LCd color display.
Seats: 2 + 3
Armor: Crew Compartment: BR-6 level armour
Weight: 18,000 to 33,000 kg
Dimensions: Length: 7.1 to 8.7 m; Width: 2.5 m; Height: 3.7 m

Predator Streit Group 4x4 Riot  armoured vehicle Predator Streit Group 4x4 Riot  armoured vehicle Predator Streit Group 4x4 Riot  armoured vehicle Predator Streit Group 4x4 Riot  armoured vehicle Predator Streit Group 4x4 Riot  armoured vehicle

Date: 2015-11-13
The Source:

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