FARM Tractor YTO-X1804 4WD
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FARM Tractor  YTO-X1804   4WD for sale

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Year of Manufacture: 2022
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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NEW YTO-X1804 FARM Tractor 4WD
Fitted with Shangchai diesel engine, 12F+4R shift,
electro-hydraulics, cabin with air conditioning,
luxury seat, pendulum traction, PTO 540/1000, agri
tyres 16.9-28/20.8-38, 3 pairs of hydraulic output,
front and rear ballast.

Feature YTO-X1804 FARM Tractor 4WD
Our 160-220HP wheeled tractor is offered with 400L large capacity fuel tank, supporting long
distance driving. Moreover, the supercharged air/air inter-cooled diesel engine consumes less fuel
during operation. You can see an immediately improvement in your working efficiency, and the
reduction in your energy usage.
1. Our eco-friendly tractor has good adaptability by virtue of the adjustable single or double-acting
multi-way valve, as well as the 3 or 4-group of hydraulic outputs.
2. There is an electro-hydraulic control suspension mounted at the rear of the product. So, trailer
can be connected to the 160-220HP wheeled tractor rapidly and conveniently.
3. Specially, this range of product is designed with double rear wheel for vigorous drive. Moreover,
the stepless adjustable wheel track makes it available for the farm crops indifferent row spacing.
4. The fully enclosed cab has wide vision. Equipped with heater, air conditioner, and audio and air
dust filtering system, this agricultural vehicle may bring the driver comfortable and healthy working
5. Convenient and practical, our 160-220HP wheeled tractor is engineered with one-key
electro-hydraulic control differential lock.
6. Controlled by electronics and hydraulics, the independent two speed PTO output makes for
convenient control.
7. The hydraulic wet self-booming brake with multiple discs has optimal safety and reliability.
8. The hydraulic steering system can be manually controlled through the operation on the
adjustable steering wheel.
9. Our compact four wheel drive tractor is engineered with clutch control mechanism boosted by
air pressure.
10. The symmetrical front drive axle from CARRARO, together with the mid-mounted
transmission shaft, makes for easy and flexible operation.
11. With the installation of the synchronizer for 12F+4R gear, user can enjoy the impact-free and
noise-free gear shifting.
12. The 160-220HP wheeled tractor is manufactured with the transmission system produced based
on Italian technology. Particularly, the forced cooling and lubrication system is conducive to the
reliable operation with heavy load.

Terms of Payment: By T/T 30% in advance, 70% before shipment
Delivery Time: In about 35 days after deposit
Loading Port: Qingdao, China
Validity time: Within 15 days since quotation date
Warranty terms: 12 months since arrival at destination port

Dual rear wheels
FARM Tractor  YTO-X1804   4WD  for sale FARM Tractor  YTO-X1804   4WD  for sale FARM Tractor  YTO-X1804   4WD for sale

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