Caterpillar 657E Motor Scraper WAS SOLD

WAS SOLD Caterpillar 657E Motor Scraper WAS SOLDCaterpillar 657E Motor Scraper

Please note that this machine has two engines fitted, one at the front and the second at the rear, the front engine is very good and machine is operating however the rear engine has a hole in the side of the block and requires replacing,

Tractor Engine: Caterpillar 3412 550 HP
Scraper Engine: Caterpillar 3408 400 HP


Total operating weight empty - 68,860 Kg
Total operating weight loaded - 116,060 Kg


Rated payload 47,200 Kg
Heaped Capacity 33.6 M3
Max depth of cut 440mm
Width of cut 3850mm

Caterpillar 657E wheel tractor-scraper is a piece of heavy equipment used for earthmoving. The rear part of the scraper has a vertically moveable hopper with a sharp horizontal front edge which can be raised or lowered. The front edge cuts into the soil, like a carpenter`s plane cutting wood, and fills the hopper. When the hopper is full it is raised, closed, and the scraper can transport its load to the fill area where it is dumped. With a type called an `elevating scraper` a conveyor belt moves material from the cutting edge into the hopper.

Full Specification of the Caterpillar 657E Motor Scraper

Category Scrapers

Tractor Engine Caterpillar 3412
GROSS POWER 550 hp 410.1 kw
DISPLACEMENT 1647.6 cu in 27 L

Scraper Engine Caterpillar 3408
GROSS POWER 400 hp 298.3 kw
DISPLACEMENT 1098.4 cu in 18 L
FUEL CAPACITY 435.9 gal 1650 L
TIRE SIZE 37.5R39 Radial (E-3)


MAX SPEED FORWARD 31.1 mph 50 km/h


TOTAL OPERATING - EMPTY 151810.3 lb 68860 kg
FRONT AXEL - EMPTY 92605.2 lb 42005 kg
REAR AXEL - EMPTY 59205.1 lb 26855 kg
TOTAL OPERATING - LOADED 255868.5 lb 116060 kg
FRONT AXEL - LOADED 130493.8 lb 59191 kg
REAR AXEL - LOADED 125374.7 lb 56869 kg


RATED PAYLOAD 104058.2 lb 47200 kg
HEAPED CAPACTIY 43.9 yd3 33.6 m3
STRUCK CAPACITY 32 yd3 24.5 m3
MAX DEPTH OF CUT 17.3 in 440 mm
WIDTH OF CUT 12.6 ft in 3850 mm


OVERALL LENGTH 53.1 ft in 16200 mm
OVERALL WIDTH 14.3 ft in 4350 mm
OVERALL HEIGHT 15.5 ft in 4710 mm
WHEELBASE 32.5 ft in 9920 mm

Category Scrapers
Tyres 40.5/75R39
Electrics 24V

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