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Previous Sales

We feel it inspires confidence in customers if they are able to see examples of recent work undertaken for other clients recently.

Previous Sales

Ex military vehicles, loaders, Graders, trucks, dozers, excavators, generators and et al.
Below we have provided a gallery of recent customer orders.
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You are here: SOLD > Were sold all Moffett Mounty M2275 forklifts

Were sold all Moffett Mounty M2275 forklifts


Were sold all Moffett Mounty M2275 forklift. Direct military reserve machines, 1999 recently released 100-200 hours only, very excellent condition. 1814 kg capacity, max lift height 3.2 metres

Used ex army truck for sale in Angola, Kenya,  Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Ghana- Sale In  Africa and the Middle East

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