Factair General Purpose Air Compressor

ID: 772 Ref MOD: 40236
Location:DN10 6ET, Doncaster, UK

Factair General Purpose Air Compressor

Condition: Mileage Hrs/Kms: From 1,750 hours
Year of Manufacture: 2007

Factair General Purpose Air Compressor (GPAC) just arrived from having been operated by the RAF for a wide range of applications and designed to operate in conditions from -25 degrees to +50 degrees.

The GPAC utilises a diesel driven rotary screw compressor to produce 4.15m3/min at 8.5 bar and at a discharge temperature within 7 degrees of the ambient conditions.

To provide protection against the ingress of sand the ventilation inlet is fitted with a maintenance free sand trap louvres. For continuous operations the GPAC can be refilled whilst running via an external fuel fill access panel.

The chassis includes fork lift pockets and tie down points for air transportation. The unit also features an oil tight chassis to prevent any external contamination from spilt internal fluids.

To cater for the wide variety of possible applications th GPAC includes 6 outlets with options for both lubricated and non lubricated air and 6.4 or 8.5 bar supply pressure.

The specification of the Factair General Purpose Air Compressor (GPAC Factair FAC0309)

Engine Kuboto 2.2 litre 4 cylinder diesel
Tyres 155R13C

Manufacturer Factair
Length 3.8 M
Height 1.85 M
Width 1.55 M
GVW 1060 Kg
From 1,750 hours
Manufactured by:   Factair SOLD

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